Have you visited the new website, Understood.org, yet? If not, scurry on over there (after you’ve finished looking around here).  This new website is a collaboration between 15 non-profits to support parents of kids with learning and attention issues. What I love most about this site is their simple, very easy to understand articles with lots of visuals. It’s a quick read for parents and teachers alike, yet it packs a huge punch.

Following is a great chart I found on Understood.org yesterday, when desperately seeking a way to help Ricochet’s teachers see his executive function issues as part of a neurological disorder and not a character flaw.

This chart is on middle school, but they have one for preschool, elementary, and high school, too.

Graphic of What Teachers See: How ADHD Impacts Learning in Middle School


How does ADHD impact your child’s learning?