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Parenting ADHD Podcast

Weekly parenting insights, strategies, and resources for parents raising kids with ADHD, LDs, and/or autism.


Weekly insights and actionable strategies on parenting neurodivergent kids — those with ADHD, autism, anxiety, learning disabilities… We’re decoding behavior while honoring neurodiversity, and learning to parent the individual child you have.

“Having a child with ADHD is tough. Penny’s wisdom, honesty, and understanding of the disorder makes parents not feel so alone. I highly recommend you listen to this podcast.” — AChura

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I’ve had so many aha moments while listening.” — Kasia

“Finally a podcast about ADHD parenting I can relate to. I highly recommend this podcast if you have a child or grandchild with ADHD/Autism. Thank you Penny!” — Melanie

“I love this podcast
So relatable. I tear up half the time when something really hits home.” — hdhcueks

“So fun this episode! Seriously Luke rocked that episode! Hope he is back soon! So many insights for me and my two sons 16 and 13 that helped me so much!! Thanks for being so brave and honest.” — Katherine

“I’ve learned so much, been challenged, validated, encouraged, educated and supported through this podcast. Our family has benefited tremendously from the wisdom I’ve gained. Thank you!” — V

“Excellent ADHD podcast for parents
It opened my mind to a an entirely different way to approach parenting my son. Very insightful.” — Niecie


A parenting coach for neurodiverse families, Penny Williams is the author of four books on ADHD, including Boy Without Instructions, host of the Beautifully Complex Podcast (formerly Parenting ADHD), and co-founder of The Behavior Revolution, an initiative devoted to celebrating and supporting kids with ADHD, autism, or anxiety through neuroscience-backed insights, hard-won strategies, compassion, and guidance.  Penny empowers parents to help their neuro-atypical kids — and families — thrive. When we feel good we can do good.

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Want more parenting tools & strategies to reduce the struggles?


You've tried so much of the advice out there, and yet, your child and your family are still struggling.

In this free video series, you'll get quick and simple tips and mindset shifts to create improvement fast. I cover the following parenting challenges: Yelling Too Much, Wishing Life Could be Easier for You and Your Child, Emotional Dysregulation & Poor Self-Regulation, Feeling Stuck, Helpless, and Hopeless, Feeling Like Chaos & ADHD/Autism Are Hijacking Your Family, and Constantly Battling with Your Child.

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