“We’ve had a complete transformation. No more yelling and screaming. No more crazy punishments that don’t work.”


“I felt like I was drowning as a mother to my 8-year-old daughter with ADHD. Our entire household was miserable. I took Penny’s course and read some of her books and put some new knowledge and skills into practice.

My household has had a complete transformation. No more yelling and screaming. No more crazy punishments that didn’t work. My daughter and I have an excellent relationship now. I learned so much about ADHD and what my daughter was going through.

Taking the course gave me a whole new perspective. I was the one that needed to change, I just didn’t know how. Penny is so kind and patient and really is an advocate for kids with ADHD and their parents.”

— Donita Torres, Mom of a Child with ADHD

“I’ve worked with people with disabilities my entire adult life. I thought I understood most of the common mental and emotional diagnoses. Yet, when my son was diagnosed with ADHD at age 7, my world was rocked. I felt confused, lost, angry, and sad

Then the guilt began… ‘I should have known sooner!’ ‘Why do I feel lost without any direction to go?’ The questions were merciless.

As I was researching, I came across your book, Boy Without Instructions — I couldn’t put it down! You are real and practical, and seem to know the thoughts in my head! The book led me to your online course, Stop Battling with Your Child. I would still be lost and confused without the extensive knowledge and support I’ve received from your course.

I kid you not, my husband and I would be lost without you. You’ve changed our lives.”

— Sarah Stein, Mom of a Child with ADHD

This is why I do what I do.

“I haven’t even finished Penny’s course yet, and we’re already experiencing positive effects. I’ve learned a lot about myself as a parent — that I have to be more patient and change the way I parent to accommodate my daughter’s needs. The morning checklist, routines, and tailored incentives she teaches are already helping. I finally feel hopeful for my daughter’s future.”

Natalie Robinson
Parent of a Preschooler with ADHD

“Penny is in the trenches, living it too. I love that her support is gentle — offering options without any judgement. Since following Penny, I have gained a greater sense of belonging and strength in my parenting.”

Brenda Lochinger
Parent of a Teen with ADHD

“Penny’s ‘voice’ calms a mother’s soul down, and gives us a minute to see the bigger picture. She helped me to calm down, hover over my son less, and look at parenthood from a new perspective.”

LisaRenee Fogarty
Parent of a School-Aged Child with ADHD

“Penny provides great resources, real life experience, and practical and useful information — all in terms parents can understand. Since following Penny, I have become more patient and understanding with my child, more diligent in my advocacy, and braver about speaking up for him.”

Julia Lapeze
Parent of a Gifted Teen with ADHD

emilytothAfter my son’s diagnosis of ASD and then later ADHD, I was overwhelmed with all of the information and resources. There were so many books that talked down and threw out statistics that were either depressing or unrelated to my situation. I was looking for something relatable. I had no friends going through the special needs ride and while I wanted information, I also wanted comfort.

I found that comfort and solace in Penny’s first book, Boy Without Instructions. As I turned the pages, I kept saying “Yes. This.” No advice or instruction, just feeling like I wasn’t alone, which I so desperately needed.

Once I got out of the first stage of grief and shock, I was ready for action and help. Lucky for me, that’s right about the time Penny’s second book came out, What to Expect When Parenting Children with ADHD. I was so frazzled by trying to just survive, that I couldn’t even begin to think about how to take proactive steps to improve my family’s quality of life. Full disclosure: I also have ADHD. So, yeah. If I have a hard time with executive function and organization, how am I supposed to help my son learn those skills and get this house running efficiently??

I say all that to say that Penny understands this. She knows what ADHD parents need: quick, to the point, and non-judgmental. Her worksheets are AMAZING. I am the worst with getting advice and not being able to execute it. The worksheets solve that problem. What sets it apart from other ADHD books out there is that it’s written by one of us — a mom of a child with ADHD! Not a doctor or specialist. Those books have their place and use, but Penny fills a void that has been on bookshelves: Advice from a fellow mom. Reading her books feels like sitting down over coffee with a good friend that’s been there, and is guiding you through the process.

Emily T.

Parent of a Boy with ADHD

marilyngriffinPenny offers parents, caregivers, and even health care providers a practical guide to navigate the world of ADHD. From diagnosis to the art of balancing expectations, self, and family, she leads you step-by-step through the unpredictable journey of parenting a child with ADHD, all while learning to become your child’s biggest advocate and remaining positive.

Marilyn Griffin, MD

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Medical Director of the Comprehensive ADHD Clinic at University of Illinois at Chicago


“Thank you for that bit of hope…”



“I am so glad I have found you Penny, and the Summit. I don’t feel so alone anymore and have hope for my son.”


“Read this well-written, empathetic book right away, feel less alone, and take away not only moral support but also valuable strategies for helping your child, yourself, and your family.”


— Susan Caughman, Editor in Chief

Want more parenting tools & strategies to reduce the struggles?


You've tried so much of the advice out there, and yet, your child and your family are still struggling.

In this free video series, you'll get quick and simple tips and mindset shifts to create improvement fast. I cover the following parenting challenges: Yelling Too Much, Wishing Life Could be Easier for You and Your Child, Emotional Dysregulation & Poor Self-Regulation, Feeling Stuck, Helpless, and Hopeless, Feeling Like Chaos & ADHD/Autism Are Hijacking Your Family, and Constantly Battling with Your Child.

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