I’m a coffee-lovin’, neurodivergence-obsessed mama on a mission, and I’m honored to help families on this always chaotic, often stressful, anything-but-ordinary parenting journey

Through my podcastaward-winning books, online parent training programsparent coaching, and mom retreats, I have helped thousands of families like yours survive and thrive in the face of ADHD.


Of course, I didn’t start here.

All I ever knew about my future was that I wanted to write. I certainly didn’t know how to get there. I started with a degree in sociology (Dad’s still bitter). Then I fell backwards into internal communications in corporate America, through temping (yep, it was the college degree that never gave).

I was writing, but it felt pretty inconsequential. I was very aware that I hadn’t yet found my “life’s purpose,” but my heart ached for it.

And then, it happened. My son was diagnosed with ADHD. 

I had no idea what to do to help him. Not even a little. I was desperate to turn things around, but had no compass. So, I hit the books, and the internet. I spent every. single. spare. moment learning about ADHD.

And yet, I still started out all wrong. I was searching for how to “fix” ADHD, even though I knew there was no cure.

What type of school will make it better?

Which medication is best?

Which supplements reduce symptoms?

What treatment haven’t we tried yet?

Yep. All the wrong questions. I was just spinning my wheels in the muck of ADHD, and not gaining any traction. 


Then, one day, the lightbulb sparked.

After reading Ross Greene’s The Explosive Child, I realized I was going about parenting a child with ADHD all wrong. I realized it was crucial to change my mindset about ADHD — accept its presence and create strategies and coping mechanisms for my son to thrive in spite of it.

When I realized I had kinda stumbled up the Everest, I was flabbergasted that the millions of parents raising kids with ADHD didn’t have any structured guidance that’s actually beneficial in our day-to-day ADHD journey.

Why in the world were we left to piece it together and figure it out alone? That learning curve was more than two years for our family — and I focused on little more than ADHD that entire time. 


Well, if no one else is going to do it…

I couldn’t sit idle, knowing that hundreds of thousands of other kids and families are struggling the way we did. And not because the struggle has to be so, but because the information simply wasn’t compiled and offered in a truly helpful way.

Screw that! 

This momma’s mission was realized.

The first morning after my parenting epiphany, I grabbed a cup of coffee, opened my laptop, and feverishly started writing. My fellow special parenthood peeps would know the struggle is real, know they aren’t alone in the struggle, and have a guide to survive, and even thrive.

From there, it snowballed…

I believe in the power of compassion, empathy, optimism, behavior modification, and positive parenting

because I’ve seen them work for my own family…

and so many others.  


I write, teach, and mentor to make a difference for those living with ADHD — in your life, your child’s life, your family. My goal is to change your lives for the better. I know it sounds cliche, but it’s genuine, I promise. 

Whether your child was diagnosed yesterday, or six years ago, I can help you turn struggles into triumphs, and guide you to surviving and thriving. It IS possible. We can TOTALLY get there.

Yes, this is a business. I wish I could help everyone, and I wish I could do it all for free — truly. Of course, you understand why I have to make a living (um, kids).

I do offer a lot for free: articles and blog posts on ADDitude Magazine and right here on this site, parenting ADHD how-to videos, downloads and printables, and tried and true products and resources.

The bottom line is… I do what I do because I can’t stand the thought of kids suffocating under the agony of being so misunderstood — bright, creative, caring kids who can’t figure out how to let their light shine without extra help. Teaching parents the most successful way to approach this special parenthood helps these wonderful kids let their lights shine and honor their own truth. 



I promise you this…

I won’t sugar-coat the genuine struggle of our kids growing up with ADHD, nor will I gloss over what it’s like to raise kids with ADHD.

Ya’ll, it’s hard. But, you already know that. That’s why you’re here.

Still I Rise: Parenting ADHD and Autism


And, let’s get one thing straight…


I’m human. I make mistakes. I’m not pretending to be a perfect parent, or to have all the answers (we all know there is no magic bullet for ADHD). Changing my perspective and my approach to parenting my son made a monumental difference in our lives, but there are still some struggles.

Just not as many. And not as tough. The moments of joy are finally shining through!

I’m glad you’re here and that we connected. Grab your own cup of coffee (or other warm beverage), and stick around for a while.


Wishing you peace, 


Want more parenting tools & strategies to reduce the struggles?


You've tried so much of the advice out there, and yet, your child and your family are still struggling.

In this free video series, you'll get quick and simple tips and mindset shifts to create improvement fast. I cover the following parenting challenges: Yelling Too Much, Wishing Life Could be Easier for You and Your Child, Emotional Dysregulation & Poor Self-Regulation, Feeling Stuck, Helpless, and Hopeless, Feeling Like Chaos & ADHD/Autism Are Hijacking Your Family, and Constantly Battling with Your Child.

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