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Learn how to adjust your parenting for the kid you've got.

I'll guide you from feeling helpless and hopeless to watching your neurodivergent child shine. Let's extinguish the crises and build an authentic life of success and joy for your child (and your family).

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What you'll learn about parenting here.

There are no rules.

Alright. You got me. Yes, there are, technically, some rules. But if you're not hurting your kid, then you're allowed to parent them differently. I even encourage it!


Traditional parenting doesn’t work for neurodivergent kids and it is okay to reject societal pressures and write your own rules. We'll do it together.


Parenting isn’t about controlling your kid. The best parents follow their kid’s lead and take on a supporting role. I'll show you how.


Biology and behavior are deeply interconnected. A child or teen's behavior is a signal of what they struggle with and how we can help and support them best. I'll teach you how to reframe and decode behavior.


You've got this! You can be the parent you want to be and the parent your child needs you to be. Our community will support you along the way.


You can step our of crisis mode and survival mode and create change for your family. I even created a roadmap to do just that.

you do better.


Unlocking success and joy for your kid is a process.

This is the process I would have jumped fully into the very day my neurodivergent kid was diagnosed if I had known then what I know now. It's the process I'll guide you through now to save you years of self-doubt and overwhelm and get you on the most effective path, right away.

1 Shift

Redefine what success looks like for your kid and your family.

2 Connect

Kids must feel seen, heard, and truly understood to keep pushing forward.

3 Adjust

Appropriate expectations, support increase doability and success.

4 Nurture

Challenge inside their window of tolerance to build grit, and confidence.

5 Empower

Provide lots of opportunities in talents, interests and passions (TIPs).




Signature Courses

Our parenting programs are designed to educate you about your child or teen's different wiring (i.e., neurological differences) while learning positive, developmentally appropriate, neurodiversity-affirming parenting strategies that work with your child’s neurodivergence – not against it. 

These programs don't just offer knowledge and general strategies — they are designed to guide you step-by-step through customizing the strategies for your unique child. (For ADHD, autism, and/or anxiety, ages 4 – 18+.)

Stop Battling with Your Child & Create Calm

A Roadmap for Empowering your Kid

This step-by-step program will help you reduce challenging behavior, yelling, and frequent battles; stop feeling stuck and helpless; and empower your child and foster a peaceful family life.

Survival to Success Accelerator™

Your Roadmap out of survival mode

This Program provides the blueprint to calming the chaos and reactivity, fostering connection, and transforming challenging behavior using our Crisis to Clarity Blueprint™ and Regulation Toolkit.

Teaching & Working with Neurodivergent Kids

Setting kids & teens up for success


Neuro-affirmative Parent & Educator Training

Our workshops provide practical and actionable strategies on a specific topic in one hour or less. 

Unlocking Potential: Assistive Tech Tools for Enhanced Educational Access

Could assistive technology help your child or student overcome some of their roadblocks to learning and succeeding in school? In this workshop, you’ll discover how to effectively leverage assistive technology tools in three areas: reading, writing, and organizing. Join us to peek over our shoulders as we walk through exactly how to set up and implement three powerful assistive technology tools. In the end, you’ll feel confident to advocate for technology tools to assist your struggling learner and ensure the educational access they deserve.

The Hierarchy of Needs & Availability to Learn

Not every child is physiologically available to learn at all times. Often, neurodivergent kids and teens have many factors that can cause them to be dysregulated and cause their thinking brains to go offline. In this masterclass, Penny applies Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs as a checklist to decode what is impeding a student from learning or meeting expectations when it comes to school and schoolwork. In the end, you'll have a framework to troubleshoot a student's roadblocks to school success and eliminate them.

How to Meet Neurodivergent Kids Where They Are

Learn how to effectively support neurodivergent kids and teens by meeting them where they are and providing what they need in the moment. You'll shift from a behavior-based lens to a brain-based lens to better understand and address behavior.  You'll learn to identify a child's developmental age, profile, strengths, and challenges to create a safe and supportive environment, as well as how to foster independence, problem-solving skills, and confidence. All of this helps you determine where they are and how to meet them there to provide the best opportunities for success.

Your Role in Your Child's Behavior

It's important to be aware of our own reactions and responses, as they greatly impact our child's behavior. In this webinar, we explore how you're either escalating or de-escalating your child's/student's behavior.

Learn practical co-regulation techniques — from staying calm and using rhythm, to engaging in physical co-regulation, how to adjust your responses based on the child's needs, the art of being a good listener, and strategies to fuel your child's energy and resources through unconditional love, play, celebrating successes, and fostering connections.

How to Stay Calm When Your Child or Student Isn't

Every human is biologically wired to respond in kind to those around us. That's why reactivity is your instinct and why it's so hard to stay calm when your kid is acting out, freaking out, or zoning out. Yet, we know staying calm always creates better outcomes. Penny shares every one of the strategies she's used successfully to stay calm when her child isn't. In the end, you'll have the insights, strategies, and grounding you need to remain calm more often than not. And, guess what? It feels better for you too. 


24/7 Parenting Help & Community

Easily pinpoint proven solutions for your neurodivergent kid, exactly when needed.

AnsweredIt is your one-stop online knowledgebase for proven solutions that work for your child. With 200+ expert workshops on neurodivergence, ADHD, autism, anxiety, parenting, education, behavior, and more inside, you can easily search and pinpoint guidance in minutes with micro-targeted results that drill down all the way to the spoken words inside each video.

It’s not, “here’s a video that talks about this, now watch for 30 minutes.”

It’s “here’s the exact spot where this topic you’re looking for is discussed, in each relevant video. Just watch the parts you need right now.”  

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Private Coaching with Penny

Feel like chaos is running your life? Like nothing you do helps? I've been in these trenches over 15 years myself, so I get it. Not only do I have the strategies to empower you to improve your life and your child’s, but I’m living proof that they work, because I’ve lived it.

I can guide you over the hurdles and around the obstacles to a more loving, fun, and joyful family life. A parenthood that’s rewarding. A child that is succeeding.

I teach a neurodiversity-affirming parenting approach proven to improve behavior and parental confidence for families raising kids with ADHD and/or autism. Sometimes it simply takes a helping hand to guide you in the right direction.

Let’s improve your family’s quality of life — together. Schedule your online one-on-one coaching now!


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