You’re just weeks away from better behavior and a more peaceful family.

“We’ve had a complete transformation. No more yelling and screaming. No more punishments that don’t work.”

“OMG! Thank you! I’ve searched the web for but never found the information like you have given throughout this course.”

“This was the type of training I have been looking for since my children were diagnosed. It’s so helpful.”

I teach parents proven, brain science-based strategies to improve behavior and help their atypical kids thrive.

Do you spend hours driving around town, sitting in one waiting room after another, hoping that one of the handful of therapies will FINALLY create some real improvement for your family?

How much is your time worth? Hell, how much is your sanity worth?

What would tomorrow look like if you spent less time obsessing over ADHD or autism AND you saw real improvement in behavior? If you weren’t battling your child and dodging big emotions? If you were confident in your child’s future?

There is a place for therapy, and it is valuable. Please hear that.

However, I can help you improve your child’s behavior, improve your child’s success, and reduce your stress. And we can accomplish that together in a few weeks, not months or years of weekly office appointments.

I know, it sounds too good to be true. I get it. I was you once. I felt that I had to do every therapy, every treatment, try every school, read every article and book… until I made life better for my kid. I was fueled by desperation and grief.

What I didn’t recognize was that my mindset and perspective on ADHD and autism were what would ultimately steer the ship to calmer waters.

I promise you, until you change your mindset and the way you think about ADHD or autism, the behavior, the big emotions, the daily struggle will not — cannot — change.

Does your child’s therapist work on your parent mindset? Your child’s pediatrician? Your child’s OT? While some may, most do not. It’s not that professionals avoid teaching you what’s most helpful, it’s that they’re trained to address symptoms and work with their client, your child.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last 11+ years since my son’s diagnosis (well, I’ve learned an unbelievable number of things, but this is the most valuable by far) it’s that the parent’s mindset and thoughts about ADHD and/or autism create your family’s reality.

Yes! I’m saying that working on your thoughts and awareness will change your child’s behavior, change your child’s life, change your entire family. And I know it because I lived it. I also know it because I’ve seen it change the lives of so many other families like yours. 

And, I can prove it to you. 

Whether you’ve been on this journey of parenting a kid with ADHD and/or autism for a while, or the diagnosis is fresh and you’re just starting out, I can help you.

“We’ve had a complete transformation. No more yelling and screaming. No more crazy punishments that don’t work.”

Daughter with ADHD

The 3 Ways I Can Help You Create Improvement for Your Family


Online courses are self-paced, to fit your life. You complete video lessons online and work through the workbook, as guided, to create change in your family.

    • Self-paced
    • 100% online
    • Step-by-step guide based on brain science
    • Augmented with coaching to keep you accountable (*only some courses)


I’ll personally guide you to work through current struggles using the approaches that have been proven to improve behavior and parental confidence in families with ADHD and/or autism.

    • Weekly or bi-monthly meetings
    • 100% online or oven the phone (in-person is also available)
    • Personal guidance and the accountability to implement with success


Mom retreats are all about you — your self-care and your parenting experience. Small or large groups of women on a similar parenting journey come together to learn and support one another.

    • Annual events
    • In-person at a relaxing, vacation-type locale
    • Inspiration for self-care, group coaching + guidance (small retreats), community + support (large retreats)

Listen up! You have work to do.

Research shows that parent training not only improves ADHD symptoms and behavior, but also reduces parent stress and increases parent self-confidence. Learning brain science-based strategies to effectively manage ADHD, autism is one of the key ingredients to happy kids and families.

We all want a patient, calm, peaceful, purposeful and joyful parenthood. No doubt. When you have a child with ADHD and/or autism, it takes more work — very specific work — to accomplish those things. But, it truly can be done. I’m going to teach you how.

“Penny provides concrete steps about how to move forward with each scenario I present. She is realistic that her methods will take time and a lot of repetition, but will work in the end. This has provided me with a lot of peace of heart. I feel we are on the right track now. My son is happier and more calm. Penny’s coaching has changed me from an angry, frustrated mom to a mom with a plan and a mom with peace and hope.

Son with ADHD

Which experience is right for you?

Get Your Mind Right for Parenting Atypical Kids

The right mindset is the most important piece of helping atypical kids thrive. Achieve the optimal mindset for parenting your child with ADHD… successfully and purposefully.

100% online

Individual, self-paced

1st section of Stop Battling Program

Timeline: self-paced, est. 2-10 days

Video lessons, workbook & self-guided activity

Targets parent mindset, which helps child behavior

Investment: $
Learn More & Start Now

Stop Battling Your Child & Create Calm in 8 Weeks

This step-by-step program will reduce challenging behavior, yelling, and frequent battles; stop feeling stuck and helpless; and gain control, empower your child, and foster a peaceful family life.

100% online & coaching calls

Individual, weekly lessons

Stand-alone program

TImeline: 8 weeks

Video lessons, workbook, coaching

Targets parent mindset and child behavior

Investment: $$
Learn More & Start NOW

The Behavior Revolution
System & Course

Change the way you think about behavior and change your child’s life. Ditch the helpless feelings, dramatically improve challenging behaviors, and reclaim joy for your family.

100% online & monthly group coaching call

Individual, self-paced

Stand-alone program

Timeline: self-paced, could finish in 2 weeks

Video lessons, workbook, behavior system w/tools

Targets child behavior and parent-child relationship

Investment: $$
REGISTER FOR Behavior Revolution

Private Parent Coaching
for ADHD/Autism

I will personally guide you and hold you accountable to implementing the strategies and parenting approaches proven to improve behavior and parental confidence.

100% online & phone calls

Individual, just you and Penny

Stand-alone, or add to other programs

Timeline: 1 to unlimited calls

Conversations via phone or online conferencing

Targets parent mindset, behavior, symptom control, advocacy…

 Investment: $$
Learn More & BOOK NOW

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why should I choose to work with you?

    I am a mom in the trenches teaching the research and hard-won wisdom I’ve learned over the 10+ years since my son’s diagnoses. I didn’t learn about ADHD and autism from a textbook or a professor — I learned everything I know from real life experience and seeing positive changes for my own family, and many other families like ours.
  • What parenting approach fuels your teachings?

    I wholeheartedly believe in positive parenting, compassion, and empathy because they work for kids with ADHD and/or autism, not to mention that treating others kindly even the right thing to do, even our kids. I recognize that behavior is communication and built the foundation of much of what I teach parents on the work of Ross Greene, PhD. 
  • Do you offer payment plans?

    I do offer monthly payment plans on more costly items, like the retreats. You can pay for coaching weekly, monthly, or in bulk (a discount is offered when purchasing 10 or more coaching sessions at once). 
  • We are new to the world of ADHD and autism. Is it too early for our family to start your training?

    It’s never to early and it’s never too late. (Ok, I’ll concede that under age 4 is too early.) Everything I teach will work for kids young and old, even teens and young adults. Just understanding your child and how their brain works can make a big difference, if nothing else. But, there is a whole lot else!
  • How do I know if your training is right for me and my family?

    It can be hard to tell if something will be a good fit before diving in. However, I’ll offer generalities on who will benefit from my teachings and who probably won’t. The Happy Mama Retreat is right for you if you have a child with a neurobehavioral/ neurodevelopment disorder.
    All other services are right for you if you are the caregiver of a child with ADHD and/or autism and you’re struggling either with your child’s behavior, your own mental and emotional wellness in regards to your child’s diagnosis, or both. My trainings and coaching are not right for families whose kids have severe mood disorders, and there are times when therapy is needed first, like if your child is suicidal or physically violent. If you’re unsure if one of my services is a good fit for you, email me and we will chat.

“You are the first of all the people we sought help from that we’ve really connected with and  that really ‘gets it.’ Thank you for your openness and mindfulness  to our family situation.”

Daughter with ADHD & ASD

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