PAP 052:

How to Advocate for Your Child with ADHD at School

with Meg Flanagan

In this episode of the Parenting ADHD Podcast, teacher and education advocate, Meg Flanagan, and I discuss taking a collaborative approach to working with teachers and advocating for your child at school. To achieve an effective working relationship with the school, parents need to approach teachers and school staff with the attitude of working together, as allies instead of adversaries. Sometimes it’s tough to strike a balance between being a strong advocate for your child and seeming confrontational. Meg and I discuss strategies for this and more during this episode. Listen in now!

“There’s always a reason for any behavior. It’s about taking a close look at it. Why is it happening?” — Meg Flanagan

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My Guest


Meg Flanagan is a teacher, education advocate, and mom. She’s the force behind Meg Flanagan Education Solutions, a coaching and advocacy service that helps busy families find sanity and success on the K-12 school journey.

Meg holds an M.Ed in special education as well as a BS in elementary education. She has taught in public, private, and homeschool over her 10-year education career. Meg is currently certified in MA and VA while serving parents worldwide as an education advocate and school success coach.

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