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Setting Meaningful and Doable New Year’s Goals for Special Needs Parents

January 3, 2019

Each new year, millions of people all over the world set new year’s resolutions. They want to exercise more, lose weight, increase their income, and more. While I want that for myself too, I learned years ago that setting new year’s resolutions is ensuring failure. If I couldn’t stick to an exercise regimen the each of the last 20 years, what makes me think I can do it this year?!?!?

The last thing I want to start off a brand new year with is failure. This is my chance at a clean slate, a fresh start (even though it’s really neither of those things, we consider it so nevertheless). This is my chance to take some action and make some improvement… and that’s doable.

A few years ago I ran across’s New Year’s Resolution printable and began using it every year. What I love about it is that it’s not making resolutions, per se, at all. Instead, it helps you focus on what’s most important to you on a personal level, and what’s most important to work toward. It’s just what a mom of a challenging, unpredictable child needs — goals that can ebb and flow over the year, not concrete actions I must take every single day (or feel horrible about myself).

With my ever-strengthening coaching mentality, this year I decided to combine Mique’s annual questions with some actionable brainstorming I use in almost all of my courses, summits, and retreats. These two focuses together create some meaningful and achievable action items for even the most challenging of parenthoods.

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