PAP 059:

The Journey to Becoming the Parent You Want to Be

with Ana Joanes

In this episode of the Parenting ADHD Podcast, I’m talking with documentary filmmaker, Ana Joanes, about the journey to becoming the parent you want to be. We discuss how our childhood experiences shape the parent we become, how those experiences change our neurological physiology, parent stress, the importance of self-compassion and self-care, and the fact that you are not alone. This episode will help you parent with intention and purpose, rather than just trying to get through each day.

“You’re not alone. We all have times when we don’t like our child, when we reset their presence.” — Ana Joanes

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My Guest

Ana Joanes is a documentary filmmaker dedicated to inspiring conscious action and systemic change through film. Her previous works include Generation Meds, an exploration of our fears and misgivings about mental illness and medication, and Fresh, which celebrates the farmers, thinkers and entrepreneurs who are reinventing our food system. Before dedicating herself to filmmaking, Ana was a lawyer. She founded Reel Youth, Inc., a video production program for youth coming out of detention and other underserved youth. Ana is the mother of three children, and with Wrestling Ghosts, she hopes to contribute to a shift toward a more compassionate world.Website: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @WrestingGhosts

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