PAP 038:

Using the Creative Arts as Therapy for ADHD

with Kimberly Beaman

In this episode of the Parenting ADHD Podcast, I’m talking with therapist, Kimberly Beaman, about the importance of therapy, how to find the right therapist for your child and your family, and the power of creative arts in the lives of kids with ADHD and other challenges. Listen in as Kim offers a wealth of resources and guidance on therapy for kids with ADHD.

Resources in this Episode

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My Guest


Kimberly Beaman was born and raised in Winter Park, Florida. She is a devoted wife and mom of two kids. At a very young age Kimberly was diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADD. Her determined mother used alternative teaching methods through music and tactile experiences to support her during the formative years. She went on to earn her BA in Psychology and MA in Counselor of Education; Community Mental Health. She is also a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and has worked with children of all ages as well as adults. Kimberly thoroughly enjoyed additional experience as an Accessibility Consultant supporting people with accommodations at the University of Central Florida.

Kimberly’s passion for the Liberal Arts has led her to professional acting gigs, singing, songwriting and now the creation of Accessible Books for Children, LLC. Her main objective is to provide character based books that support young learners by creating an optimal learning experience through story and song. The inspiration to create My Little Cupcake came from her vivacious and sweet daughter who absolutely loves storytelling and books. Kimberly plans to write additional stories that bring awareness and advocacy to light for kids with hidden differences such as dyslexia. Kim is proud of her accomplishments and thankful for the experiences that have led her to fully appreciate her talents. She wants others to know that they can achieve their dreams, never to give up and to know they are not alone.

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