PAP 031:

On Life with ADHD and Letting Kids with ADHD Find Their Way

with Frank South

In this episode of the Parenting ADHD Podcast, I’m talking with Frank South about his life with ADHD and raising his two kids with ADHD. Frank has had an intense, fascinating, challenging life with ADHD, which makes for an intense, fascinating, challenging parenthood raising kids with ADHD. He’s compiled his family stories in a new book called, A Chicken in the Wind and How He Grew. Learn more about Frank’s life and parenthood, his insights on raising kids with ADHD and letting them find themselves, and why having ADHD is kind of like being a chicken in the wind.

“We’re there to listen, support, and help them solve problems, not to bring more outside judgements and goals that we put on them.” — Frank South

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My Guest


Off-Broadway playwright, longtime television writer and producer, Frank South has spent the last nine years primarily writing about life as an ADHD adult. He performed his one-man show, Pay Attention, for extended runs in Honolulu and Los Angeles. His stories and articles have been published in ADDitude magazine, posted on and reprinted in other magazines and websites. He’s been featured in programs about Adult ADHD on Second Opinion for PBS and Rock Center for NBC News.

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