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Unique Learners: Why “Try Harder” Doesn’t Work

with Suzanne Cresswell, OTR

In this episode of the Parenting ADHD Podcast, I’m talking with occupational and physical therapist, Suzanne Cresswell. Often, kids with ADHD are told to “try harder,” especially in school. Suzanne explains the physiology behind how the brain works in an individual with ADHD and challenged learners, which further explains why telling a child with ADHD to “try harder” can’t help.

This was a truly fascinating conversation for me — I learned a great deal from Suzanne that I hadn’t yet learned in 9+ years of obsessing about ADHD and how to help my child. We talk about the role the sensory systems play in neurological function, and the invisible impact it often has for kids with ADHD and learning challenges. How each student acquires knowledge, i.e., learns, is different, but sensory has a huge impact on it. Rhythm is a key component.

Let’s talk about unique learners!

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Pyramid of Learning

My Guest


Suzanne Cresswell is an occupational and physical therapist who has worked with unique learners for over three decades. Suzanne works to educate and provide proven solutions and strategies to those that parent, instruct and work with unique learners. By creating an understanding of unique learners and their learning behavior, she helps parents, teachers and the students themselves find the ability in learning disability.

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