PAP 014:

Finding Success with ADHD

with Ben Glenn

I’m so excited to have Ben Glenn (aka, The Chalkguy) on this episode of the Parenting ADHD Podcast. He is a remarkable human being and offers great insights to parents raising kids with ADHD and/or learning disabilities, because he was that kid.Ben begins by sharing his story of growing up with learning disabilities and ADHD, unhappy in a self-contained classroom for many years. Then, with the help of an out-of-the-box-thinking high school principal, Ben discovered his gift — art. During our conversation he shares what it’s like to grow up thinking something’s wrong with you, and how he found his motivation and became a successful, happy adult.Hearing his story also reinforces that what our kids are doing right now (like cheating in Ben’s case), doesn’t necessarily mean they will grow up to still employ those unsavory coping mechanisms.Ben is a fun and funny guy. His energy and drive to help others are infectious. His story will inspire you.

Resources in this Episode

NOTE: Some of the resources below may be affiliate links, meaning I receive a commission (at no cost to you) if you use that link to make a purchase.10 Self-Check Questions for Kids with ADHD1. How do you feel today? Excited… Energetic… Tired… Bored… Frustrated… Cranky… Edgy… Positive… Hopeful…2. How is your energy today? Energetic… Ready to rock… Ok… Tired…. I need a nap… I need coffee…3. What are you looking forward to today? Project… Work… Task… Friends… Event… Lunch… Outing… Sport… Gym… Fellowship…4. What do you need to get done 1st today? Homework… Gym… Food… Project… Email… Phone call… School…5. Is there anything stressing you out? Family… Homework… School… Friends… Work… Project…6. If you are not feeling yourself… Have you taken your medication today? When was the last time you exercised? What did you eat before you went to bed last night? How many hours of sleep did you get last night? Are you taking any other medication that can affect your mood?7. What is one thing you’ve done that you are super proud of?8. What is one good thing you are going to do today? WHY?9. What type of exercise are you going to do today?10. How can your parents help you today?(Of course, feel free to customize that for your own child.)


My Guest

Ben Glenn struggled with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) throughout his formative years, ultimately finding it impossible to stay interested in school and leaving following his junior year in college. Although his ADD caused him to struggle academically, it proved to be a perfect companion in his career as a performer, creator, and educator. Rather than let it hold him back, he chose to be inspired by his condition. He uses it as a tool for writing, speaking, and making videos focused on ADHD and personal development.Ben’s speaking engagements began spontaneously after his short-lived collegiate career when he was presented with the opportunity to tell his story at small church camps and conferences. He has since expanded his outreach by working with students, teachers, and speaking at corporate events. Ben is the published author of seven books and the founder of Chalkguy’s LEGO drive project.When he isn’t working, Ben enjoys fishing, boxing, and spending time with his wife and two daughters.Check out Ben’s Speedscaping!Connect with Ben: Website: Drive:
Ben Glenn, The Chalkguy, Inspirational Speaker

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