063: Helping Kids with ADHD Succeed in Athletics, with Susan Stout

There’s no disputing that — especially team sports — can be a difficult environment for individuals with ADHD to naturally succeed in. It’s not just developmental delays and social differences with peers that can make it tough. Things like emotional sensitivity and dysregulation, poor working memory, anxiety, and lagging executive functioning skills can also make it hard to meet peer and coach expectations, because they are set or neurotypicals. However, this doesn’t mean that kids with ADHD cannot succeed and thrive in athletic endeavors. Join me as I talk with Susan Stout, founder of My Own Beat, about the challenging areas of athletics for those with ADHD and how you can help your child succeed in sports that are interested in and/or passionate about. Even if your child just plays Little League or Peewee Football, you can’t miss this discussion. Listen now!

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