The Risks of Not Treating ADHD, The Basics of Medication, Alternative Treatments, and Secrets the Doctor Didn’t Tell You

Most parents of kids with ADHD are painfully aware of how complex ADHD treatment can be. If you’re new to ADHD, get ready for a bit of a wild ride. I have found over the 8+ years since my son’s diagnosis that there’s so much more to ADHD treatment than doctors tell us. In fact, there’s so much to know to get medication to work effectively than doctors tell us when they’re handing us a prescription. So, in this article, I’m outlining every. single. thing. I know about treating ADHD from both my research and writing, and from my own experience. This is a must-read, comprehensive guide for every parent raising a child with ADHD. Remember, I’m not a physician, so it’s very important to work on your child’s ADHD treatment under the guidance of an experienced clinician.

Let’s dive in…

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