One tool could help our kids at school, but most schools don’t use them.

One tool could help special needs students immensely, yet schools don't use it. ADHD and Autism and Technology in the classroom.

Why do schools insist on antiquated methods?

For most U.S. students, their life at home and their life at school is like living in two different centuries. At home, they use a personal computer, a tablet, a cell phone, and maybe even a smart phone. They communicate with it, read books on it, record scenes of life, and use the alarms and reminders for time management. Yet, at school, they are several decades back, still using notebooks, #2 pencils, and large, heavy, out-of-date textbooks. Why? More

A parenting approach that works.

Mindful Parenting for ADHD

An approach that delivers!

Let’s face it, you can throw your typical parenting books out the window when parenting kids with ADHD and/or autism. Literally. That’s how useful 90 percent of those books will be for you.

Instead, parents of kids with ADHD and/or autism have to craft a tailored parenting plan that accounts for their child’s special needs. Yet, we don’t just naturally know how to do that.  More

Why didn’t I deserve a ‘normal’ life?

Why didn't I deserve a normal life? Parenting ADHD & Autism

How did I get here?

I drove back toward home after school drop-off Friday morning, Ricochet still in my car, tears streaming down my cheeks the same as the rain flowing down my windshield. I tried to keep my overwhelming sadness a secret, but the more I thought of the events of that morning, the more the tears grew. “Why didn’t I deserve a ‘normal’ life?” I thought. Why was this my life? More