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Parenting kids with ADHD is

I get it. I truly get it!

First and foremost, I’m one of you — a parent of a child with ADHD and autism. Through that life in the trenches, I became a parenting trainer, coach, author, and near ADHD-aholic, dedicated to helping you survive and thrive in this special parenthood.

We all want a patient, calm, peaceful, cooperative, purposeful, and joyful parenthood. No doubt. When you have a child with ADHD or autism, it takes more work, and very specific work to accomplish those things. But, it truly can be done.

I’m going to teach you how.

Let’s Teach You What Works

There are several components to achieving purposeful, successful parenting with ADHD and/or autism. Some of which just aren’t intuitive to most of us. That’s why I’m here to guide you. It took me years to figure out, but I tackled this transformation with my own family, and I can help you put all these pieces together, too.


Getting your mind right to achieve success and joy for child & family. 


Knowledge of symptoms/ behaviors, and your child’s personal truth.

Compassion & Empathy

Listening to, accepting, and respecting the child you have.

Opportunities for Success

Creating more successes than negative outcomes for your child.


Cooperating with a win-win approach, ensuring success for all.

Honoring Ourselves

Nurturing mom as a woman, and creating a “real” parenting vision.

The Results My Clients & Students Are Getting

“I felt like I was drowning as a mother to my 8-year-old daughter with ADHD. Our entire household was miserable. I took Penny’s course and read some of her books and put some new knowledge and skills into practice.

My household has had a complete transformation. No more yelling and screaming. No more crazy punishments that didn’t work. My daughter and I have an excellent relationship now. I learned so much about ADHD and what my daughter was going through.

Taking the course gave me a whole new perspective. I was the one that needed to change, I just didn’t know how. Penny is so kind and patient and really is an advocate for kids with ADHD and their parents.”

— Donita

“When my son was diagnosed with ADHD, I felt confused, lost, angry, and sad. Then the guilt began and the questions were merciless.

As I was researching, I came across your book, and I couldn’t put it down! You are real and practical, and seem to know the thoughts in my head! The book led me to your online course. I would still be lost and confused without the extensive knowledge and supportI’ve received from your course.

I kid you not, my husband and I would be lost without you. You’ve changed our lives.

Read all the rave reviews

Okay. I'm listening. How can I help you create your own patient, calm, peaceful, cooperative, purposeful, and joyful parenthood?


“My child was just diagnosed and I don’t know where to start. I’m overwhelmed — life is chaotic and stressful.I need a roadmap for this special parenthood, so my child can succeed.”

Yes Please!

“We’ve had a diagnosis for a while, but I feel like I’m spinning my wheels. Nothing I do is helping enough to see solid improvement. I need some personal guidance so I can get on the right path.”

That's Me!

“We’re doing okay, but I know things could be even better. I need to parent with purpose and intention, and incorporate more self-care, so I can achieve my parenting vision.”

Heck Yeah!
I can’t wait to take you step-by-step to a fundamental shift in the right direction for you and your family, too!   


In this free audio, you’ll learn what I call the “magic phrase” for parenting ADHD and autism, and how to use it to diffuse behavior, so you can solve the real problems. This is parenting gold! 


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