Another year of special parenthood

New Years is supposed to be a time to celebrate the triumphs of the previous year, and approach the upcoming year with great anticipation and positivity. A time to say farewell to the struggles of the previous year and revel in the fact that you survived it, and you’re better for having had the experience.

I find it difficult to approach a new year with anticipation these days.

My cynicism regarding the New Years holiday is rooted in past experience and years filled with the feeling that it’s just about always Groundhog Day. We’re older, but we’re experiencing the same crap year after year, as it relates to ADHD, autism, and learning disabilities. Year after year.


Bidding Farewell

There are some lessons learned in 2015 that will certainly prevent their recurrence for me.

  1. I will never move Ricochet to a charter or private school again. It took a couple painful blows, but I’ve learned this lesson. Farewell to educational philosophies that should work for a kid with ADHD and autism, but always go horribly wrong.
  2. I no longer have to persistently battle our local psych community of professionals to see the autism hiding in plain sight in my kiddo. He finally received the diagnosis in June of 2015.


Goals and Wishes for the New Year

I may be cynical about things changing for my dear, sweet, challenged boy, but there are some things I’ll continue to work toward in the new year.

  1. Getting Ricochet’s teachers to FINALLY understand that one can be smart, and struggle to achieve any semblance of academic success.
  2. Teaching Ricochet to read the intentions of his peers in daily interactions.
  3. Gaining access to autism therapies.
  4. Seeing my boy more happy than sad and/or angry.
  5. Accepting my son for who he is (both of my kids, really), and loving with all my heart.

Will I succeed at all of this? Probably not. But this momma bear sure will try!

After all, we must keep looking out the windshield, with an eye on the horizon ahead.


What are your goals for 2015 as it relates to parenting kids with ADHD and/or autism?