There is quite a learning curve to parenting a child with ADHD and/or autism. When my son was initially diagnosed with ADHD in 2008, the doctor gave me a few fact sheets and a label. That was it. I had to learn how to effectively navigate this special parenthood on my own, and it took more than two years to start to get the hang of it.

My mission is to change that for you, and other parents on this special parenting journey. I offer effective tips and strategies I learned along the way (the hard way) in several formats: articles, sharing quality resources, videos, online courses, and parent coaching. 

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The only way to help your child effectively is to first understand their struggles, and learn why they do the things they do. Learn the facts about ADHD and/or autism.


There are a lot of products and services out there that promise to make life for a child with ADHD and/or autism better. Many are duds, but some are helpful. This is a list of what has been effective for my family.


Learn more about parenting ADHD and/or autism in my articles/ blog posts, where I offer my own experiences, tips, and strategies I’ve learned along the way, to guide you to more effective parenting.


Penny offers videos on specific parenting tips and strategies, for those who learn best through video. Topics include managing your toughest moments parenting ADHD and/or autism.


Online training courses are a more guided resource and a great way for busy parents to learn more effective parenting strategies. Courses are now available on the Parenting ADHD & Autism Academy.


Need individualized guidance specific to your current struggles, right now? Take advantage of 1-on-1 parenting ADHD coaching with me, or the group coaching program.


Podcasts are great way for busy parents to learn more effective parenting strategies — you can listen to them anytime, anywhere. This podcast features some expert guests, too.


Know you need and want to work with me, but not sure which opportunity is right for you? Try this guide, where I break it all down.