I’m Penny Williams — an author, parenting mentor, and ADHD-obsessed momma on a mission, dedicated to helping you survive and thrive in this special parenthood. If you want to improve behavior and see your family thrive, but you’re not sure how to even start, this page is for you. The volume of information here can be overwhelming, so this page will point you to the best content.

I believe in total honesty: telling it like it is and keeping it real. If you can’t handle the truth you’re in the wrong place.

I’m all about the power of compassion, empathy, optimism, behavior modification, and positive parenting

because I’ve seen them create monumental improvement for my own family, and so many others.  


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Look familiar?

Are you drowning in books and articles, desperate to learn how to truly help your child with ADHD? I bet you still feel like you’re spinning your wheels. I know I did. For two LONG years.

Learning strategies to effectively manage life with ADHD is one of the key ingredients to survive and thrive. Now you don’t have to learn the hard way, like I did.

You’re in the right place. I can help you stop this madness. 

Let’s dispel some limiting beliefs first.
  1. There is no fix for ADHD and/or high-functioning autism. If you’re looking for a ‘magic bullet,’ or some magical ‘fix’ for all your and your child’s struggles, you’re in the wrong place (and you’ll never find it, because it doesn’t exist).
  2. Change doesn’t happen overnight — or even in a few days or a couple weeks. Changing behavior requires tedious commitment and a lot of time. I can teach you how to change behavior and survive and thrive in this special parenthood, but you have to put in the work and commit to it.
  3. More joy and less struggles are not impossible. You’ve tried a LOT of things, and nothing has made a real difference. I get it. I lived there for nearly 3 excruciating years. But, I got to a better place, and I’m proof it can be done. 
I’m here for you, as a guide and a fellow momma.

I want to hear your stories — both struggles and triumphs. I want to know how I can help you make your parenting vision a reality. I want to help you survive and thrive, step-by-step, together. 

I’m not pretending to be a perfect parent, or to have all the answers. I’m human. I make mistakes. Changing my perspective and my approach to parenting my son made a monumental difference in our lives, and I want every family to have that.

I’m glad you’re here and that we connected. Email me anytime, I promise to respond.

Wishing you peace, 


Okay. I'm listening. How can I help you create a more patient, calm, peaceful, cooperative, purposeful, and joyful parenthood?


“My child was just diagnosed and I don’t know where to start. I’m overwhelmed — life is chaotic and stressful. I need direction on the right path.”

“We’ve had a diagnosis for a while, but I feel like I’m spinning my wheels. I need a roadmap for this special parenthood, so my child can succeed.”

“We’re doing okay, but I know we could do better. I need a bit of a kick in the pants to get on track, so I can achieve my parenting vision.”