Stop Battling with Your Child & Create Calm in 8 Weeks

Reduce the challenging behavior, yelling, and frequent battles; stop feeling stuck, helpless, and unable to make life better for your child; and gain control, empower your child, and learn how to foster a peaceful family life.

Don't Battle with Your Child One More Day!

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“We’ve had a complete transformation. No more yelling and screaming. No more crazy punishments that don’t work.”

“I felt like I was drowning as a mother to my 8-year-old daughter with ADHD. Our entire household was miserable. I took Penny’s program and put some new knowledge and skills into practice and my daughter and I have an excellent relationship now. I learned so much about ADHD and what my daughter was going through.

Taking the course gave me a whole new perspective. I was the one that needed to change, I just didn’t know how. Penny is so kind and patient and really is an advocate for kids with ADHD and their parents.”


This Program is Different…

Stop Battling Your Child is an 8-week course & coaching program for parents who are ready to create the family life they crave.

Focuses on empowering you to create tangible, lasting results after the program ends.

Parents who commit to the process, do the work, and implement these teachings have unlocked improved behavior, less meltdowns, fewer instances of yelling, and lots more empathy, peace, patience, and calm.

Teaches you how to be a positive influence on your child.

You have within you the capacity to help your child create their best life. I teach you the mindset, strategies, and parenting approaches necessary to help your child thrive.

Provides training, personalized coaching, and community support.

While my core focus is on helping you create a personalized parenting approach that improves behavior and life for your child and your family, I am a firm believer that we are all stronger together. Success is multiplied when you’re part of a community of parents who understand your parenthood, share their own lived experiences, and provide support to each other.

What I’m Offering You & Your Family

This program will equip you with the critical skills you need to overcome the most common barriers to successfully managing behavior and emotions. 

Stop Battling with Your Child is an 8-week course and coaching program that includes:

  • Weekly course modules complete with easily digestible videos, downloadable worksheets and additional resources.
  • A private learning community to network and connect with like-minded parents from around the world.
  • Four coaching calls, where you connect with me and work on your parenting and behavior management skills. These are live sessions where you can ask me anything.
  • Forever access to the Stop Battling with Your Child content.

At the end of this 8-week program, you’ll develop the critical skills, strategies, and approach you need to:

  • Stop yelling, decrease family stress and tension.
  • Master effective behavior improvement strategies — meaning less outbursts and meltdowns, more following instructions, improved emotional regulation, and better flexibility.
  • Identify your child’s unique personal truth to meet them where they are.
  • Be a calmer, more patient, more confident parent.
  • Step into your power — parent with purpose and intention to achieve your parenting vision.

The end result: Dial up your impact on behavior and your child’s day-to-day experience, and create more peace for your family. You’re more confident and influential in your parenting, which will help you craft a life of success and fulfillment for your child, despite their differences. And, you’ll love the parent you become in the process.

I’ll hold your hand and step you through it.

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I Want to Learn More

“You are the first of all the professionals we’ve sought help from that we’ve really connected with and that really ‘gets it.’ Thank you for your openness and mindfulness for our family.”

— Maureen

“I’ve worked with people with disabilities my entire adult life. I thought I understood most of the common mental and emotional diagnoses. Yet, when my son was diagnosed with ADHD at age 7, my world was rocked. I felt confused, lost, angry, and sad. Then the guilt began. The questions were merciless.

As I was researching, I came across your book, Boy Without Instructions — I couldn’t put it down! You are real and practical, and seem to know the thoughts in my head! The book led me to your online programI would still be lost and confused without the extensive knowledge and support I’ve received from your course.”


 “My husband and I would be lost without you and your program. You’ve changed our lives.”

End Your Battles, Apply for the Program Now

Enroll Now!

Pay $297 one time or choose a payment plan option (registration is over on Teachable).

After registration, you’ll be immediately redirected to the online application form to complete and submit. If I find that the program isn’t a good fit for you after reviewing your application, I’ll let you know and refund your registration.

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Course  — $397
4 Coaching Sessions — $200
Access to Me for Help  — $250
Skipping the years figuring it out —PRICELESS

Value …… $847
Your Investment …$297 (or 2 payments of $150)

(Discount expires soon. Act now!)

Show Up, Do the Work Money-Back Guarantee

I’ve done everything in my power to make this the most comprehensive, insightful, relevant, and immediately useful parenting ADHD training availableI know it works because these are the processes, strategies, and tools that created monumental improvement for my own family, and so many others. This is truly transformative.

However, if you’re on the fence, I want to give you every chance to invest in your child’s future and this program with confidence.

That’s why I’m giving you 14 days to go through the program, watch the trainings, complete the assignments and experience for yourself how life-changing this parenting approach is for kids with ADHD. Read the full terms of refund here. 

What You Get — Add It Up






Shift Your Mindset

The right mindset for this special brand of parenthood makes all the difference. In this first module, I guide you to achieve the optimal mindset for parenting your child… successfully.

Build a Solid Foundation

Before we can change behavior, we must do some foundational work to set your child up for success. We’ll create routines, set schedules, and address transition struggles in this module.

 Understand Your Child

Understanding your child’s brain and their personal truth are prerequisites of effectively changing behavior. In this module, I teach you how to understand your child on this level and identify behavior triggers.

Plan for Behavior Modification

There’s a little more to do before we get to changing specific behaviors and fully ending most battles in the next module. Here we’re clearly defining appropriate expectations, neutralizing triggers, improving self-awareness, and outlining discipline that works for kids with ADHD.

Change Your Child’s Behavior

Now we’re getting to the heart of ending the battles with your child — changing behavior. You’ve seen many positive changes in the work we’ve already done, but this module gets into it deeper. You get my script for behavior modification, as well as the adjustments necessary for behavior modification to work.

Manage Behavior at School

We’re talking all about your child’s rights at school (in the US), potential classroom modifications, and how to work with teachers to help your child be successful at school in this module. This section was co-written with an educational attorney.

Manage Behavior at Home

This section is all about your parenting and crafting a future of success and joy for your child. We’ll look at what does and doesn’t work for kids with ADHD, the secrets to remaining calm, building lagging skills, and truly meeting your child where they are.

Enjoy Your Child and Family Life

So often parents of kids with ADHD stop enjoying time with their child. Now that you’ve gotten to know your child’s truth, learned behavior modification strategies, and learned how to stay calm, you’ve created a life with much more room for peace and joy. This module is all about focusing on strengths, nurturing interests, and remaining positive for the journey ahead.

This Program Is Perfect for You If…

  • Your child was just diagnosed and you don’t know where to start.

  • You’ve had a diagnosis for a while, but you feel like you’re spinning your wheels. Nothing you do is helping enough to see solid improvement.

  • You understand what ADHD is, but you don’t know the best parenting approaches for improvement and success.

  • You’re overwhelmed — life is chaotic and stressful. You feel like you need a roadmap for this special parenthood, so your child can succeed.

  • You’ve implemented what the parenting experts and books advise, but it’s just not working for your child.

  • You feel like you’re not equipped to parent a child with behavioral challenges.

End Your Battles, Apply for the Program Now

Enroll Now!

Pay $297 one time or choose a payment plan option (registration is over on Teachable).

After registration, you’ll be immediately redirected to the online application form to complete and submit. If I find that the program isn’t a good fit for you after reviewing your application, I’ll let you know and refund your registration.

I'M READY! Take me to the registration!

Course  — $397
8 Coaching Sessions — $200
Access to Me for Help  — $250
Skipping the years figuring it out —PRICELESS

Value …… $847
Your Investment …$297 (or 2 payments of $150)

(Discount expires soon. Act now!)

Not sure yet? Still trying to decide if this program is right for you? Have more questions? Click here to grab a time on my calendar and we will chat about your questions and concerns.

When you invest in your child’s future through our work together, you create meaningful change, not just for your child, but for your entire family.

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