The Truth about Learning to Parent a Child with ADHD

Accepting the Diagnosis

Finding My Peeps

Trying Medication

Planning My New Path

Nurturing My Son’s Gifts

Adjusting My Compass


Read this book right away. Feel less alone.

— ADDitude Magazine, The #1 Magazine on ADHD

What People are Saying

Boy Without Instructions reads like a novel, gripping the reader with every page, every word. But Williams isn't making up stories; she's living them. She paints a painfully realistic picture of life with a child with ADHD.
If you have a child struggling to scribble between the lines of a 'typical' world expectation, this book could enliven your courage to draw new lines of adaption and acceptance for your child living with ADHD.
Read this well-written, empathetic book right away, feel less alone, and take away not only moral support but also valuable strategies for helping your child, yourself, and your family.
This compassionate story will captivate your heart and feed your brain. A must read for all mothers (and fathers, too) of children with ADHD.
We experience joy to agony and everything in between as Williams takes us on her informative, validating, cautionary, and bittersweet adventure.

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Boy Without Instructions

About the Author

Penny Williams
Penny Williams

Award-Winning Author. Blogger. Journalist. Speaker.


Award-Winning Author. Blogger. Journalist. Speaker

A parent of a son with ADHD and autism, Penny Williams is the award-winning author of three books on parenting kids with ADHD: “Boy Without Instructions,” “What to Expect When Parenting Kids with ADHD,” and “The Insider’s Guide to ADHD.” She’s the original creator of the award-winning website, {a mom’s view of ADHD}, and a frequent contributor on parenting and children with ADHD for ADDitude Magazine, Healthline, WNC Parent, and other parenting and special needs publications.

She has been contacted for interviews on the subject of parenting a child with ADHD many times, being quoted in publications like The Chicago Tribune,, Livescience, NBC’s Parenting section, and The High Desert Pulse.

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