Are you tired of the never-ending struggle?

Weary from the constant chaos?

Sick of calls from school?

Desperate for peace at home?

Longing to see your child successful and happy?

Overwhelmed and feeling hopeless? 

If you’re nodding in agreement — this system can help you.

Every parent deserves to have a guide to parenting a child with ADHD.


The Complete Guide to Parenting ADHD course was made for you, especially if you’ve been held back by ineffective parenting strategies, grief, and frustration.

Nothing is more gut wrenching than knowing you’re meant to be a positive force in your child’s life, but you’re not succeeding because you don’t have the knowledge and guidance to be an effective parent for your child with ADHD. The stress that comes from the days slipping by you and the gnawing feeling that you should be able to help your child more only compound it.

As a parent of a child with ADHD myself, this frustration and agony is close to my heart. After seeing thousands of parents struggle with this issue, including me, I felt compelled to help.

You’re about to learn the exact parenting approaches and strategies that are effective for raising happier, more successful kids who happen to have ADHD. That you can be a purposeful parent, and do what you were always meant to do for your child.

Traditional parenting approaches aren’t effective with kids with lagging skills, poor emotional control, and behavioral challenges. In this course, you’ll be guided step-by-step to systematically improve behavior, manage ADHD symptoms effectively, and create a family life that’s rewarding.

The Complete Guide to Parenting ADHD course offers the wisdom of a parent who has trudged through those same trenches you’re in now. A guide to tame the chaos and restore some sanity. A compass that can direct you to your child’s successes, despite ADHD. In the end, you’ll have a roadmap for successfully and effectively raising a child with ADHD.


You understood your child’s behavior and behavior triggers.

You had the ability to change your child’s behavior and teach lagging skills. 

You had a toolbox full of strategies that WORK for kids with ADHD.

You were mentally + emotionally prepared to create success. 

You felt less stress and more confidence in your parenting.

You had a more joyful family life and future for your child.

— This is the opportunity I’m putting in front of you today. —

I felt like I was drowning as a mother to my 8-year-old daughter with ADHD. Our entire household was miserable. I took Penny’s course and read some of her books and put some new knowledge and skills into practice.

My household has had a complete transformation. No more yelling and screaming. No more crazy punishments that didn’t work. My daughter and I have an excellent relationship now. I learned so much about ADHD and what my daughter was going through. Taking the course gave me a whole new perspective. I was the one that needed to change, I just didn’t know how. Penny is so kind and patient and really is an advocate for kids with ADHD and their parents.”

— Donita Torres,

“When my son was diagnosed with ADHD, my world was rocked. I felt confused, lost, angry, and sad. I picked up your book, Boy Without Instructions, and I couldn’t put it down! You are real and practical, and seemed to know the thoughts in my head! The book led me to your online course, The Complete Guide to Parenting ADHD. I would still be lost and confused without the extensive knowledge and support I’ve received from the course.

I kid you not, my husband and I would be lost without you. You’ve changed our lives.”

— Sarah Stein, Mom of a Child with ADHD


I know, you’ve read the books by the ADHD experts. You’ve tried token plans and punishments, but nothing works. Nothing so far is taming the chaos in your life, much less creating improvement.

If all the expert advice hasn’t worked, why should you believe that this course can help?

Because, I am one of you! I’m a mom who walked out of the doctor’s office with a diagnosis and a few fact sheets — completely bewildered. I wasn’t given any direction, other than to try medication. The harder I tried to “fix” it, the more hopeless I became. For more than two years I read obsessively, tried different products, worked with therapists, and made it up as I went along. I was leaping from one crisis to the next with my pants still on fire.


It took a long time and a lot of heartache to finally discover some success. So, I compiled all the knowledge I obtained, and those thousands of hours of trial by fire, into a series of steps so other parents might have a shorter, less painful learning curve. I’ve been sharing what I learned in articles and books, but I want to help more. I want to work directly with parents to help you rediscover sanity, successes, and joy.

The Complete Guide to Parenting ADHD course offers a compass that can direct you to just that: sanity, successes, and joy.

The Complete Guide to Parenting ADHD is a 9-step, A-Z parent training program. Learn how to go from struggling and overwhelmed to confident and capable. The training will guide you step by step, piece by piece, inch by inch.


I haven’t even finished Penny’s course yet, and we’re already experiencing positive effects. I’ve learned a lot about myself as a parent — that I have to be more patient and change the way I parent to accommodate my daughter’s needs. The morning checklist, routines, and tailored incentives she teaches are already helping. I finally feel hopeful for my daughter’s future.

Natalie Robinson
Parent of Preschooler with ADHD

Penny is in the trenches, living it too. I love that her support is gentle -- offering options without any judgement. Since following Penny, I have gained a greater sense of belonging and strength in my parenting.

Brenda Lochinger
Parent of a Teen with ADHD

Penny provides great resources, real life experience, and practical and useful information -- all in terms parents can understand. Since following Penny, I have become more patient and understanding with my child, more diligent in my advocacy, and braver about speaking up for him.

Julia Lapeze
Parent of a Gifted Teen with ADHD

Penny's 'voice' calms a mother's soul down, and gives us a minute to see the bigger picture. She helped me to calm down, hover over my son less, and look at parenthood from a new perspective.

LisaRenee Fogarty
Parent of a School-Age Child with ADHD



Module 1: Get Over It

  • Validate Your Emotions: You'll learn how to validate your own emotions about the diagnosis and how to accept ADHD.
  • Learn the Facts: You'll learn the facts of what ADHD is and isn't, including all the facets most doctors don't tell you.
  • Ask the Right Questions: Parents are programmed to "fix" problems for their kids. That's the wrong approach when parenting kids with ADHD. You'll learn a better, more successful approach, and you'll stop spinning your wheels.
  • Accept the Disorder, and the Label: Labels offer the first insight as to how to help kids with ADHD. Acceptance of your child, just where they are, is the key to effective parenting, especially for kids with ADHD.
  • Employ New Tools: You'll learn why neurotypical expectations are harmful to kids with ADHD, and how to set appropriate expectations for success.
  • Focus on the Positive: A crucial element of raising kids with ADHD is a positive outlook. Get your mind right for successfully parenting ADHD.

Module 2: Build Your ADHD Support Team

  • Professional Experts and School Personnel: There are many professional experts and educators involved in the success of your child. You'll get a comprehensive list and learn each of their roles.
  • Find and Connect with Your Parenting Peeps: Participating in the ADHD parenting community is crucial for your own self-care. You'll get support resources. 
  • Evaluating Your Team: Learn how to evaluate if your ADHD Team is effective, and when and how to make changes. 

Module 3: Building a Solid Foundation for Success

  • Defining and Keeping a Schedule: A schedule and predictability are important for kids with ADHD. You'll learn what should be on your schedule when raising a child with ADHD.
  • Routines as Therapy: Routines set expectations and set kids with ADHD up for success. You'll learn what you should have routines for and how to create and use them.
  • Remain Transparent: A schedule and routines don't do your child any good if they don't have access to them. This section will teach you the best ways to communicate plans.
  • Managing and Surviving Transitions: Transitions can be brutal for kids with ADHD. You'll learn how to manage transitions successfully.

Module 4: Understanding Your Child

  • Journaling for Insight: You'll learn about the reasons for ADHD and why and how to journal behavior, so you can make improvements.
  • Discovering Behavior Triggers: Learn common behavior triggers for kids with ADHD, and how to spot them in your child, and prevent outbursts and meltdowns.
  • Validating Emotions: Validating your child's feelings is one of the most powerful parenting tools. Learn how, when, and why. 
  • Focusing on Strengths: Experts say focusing on strengths is one of the most powerful ways to help kids with disabilities develop a healthy self-esteem and strong self-confidence. You'll list your child's strengths and create a plan to nurture them. 

Module 5: Plan for Behavior Modification

  • Defining Expectations: You'll learn how to define clear and appropriate expectations for your child. 
  • Addressing and Neutralizing Triggers: You'll learn how to use the data you've been journaling to start neutralizing and preventing behavior triggers. 
  • Changing Impulses: You'll get the script for behavior modification to change the way your child reacts to certain situations and triggers.
  • Teaching Self-Awareness: A child can't change their negative behavior until they are aware of it. There are many ways to help your child develop self-awareness and you'll learn each one here.
  • Discipline that Works: You'll learn what works and doesn't work for kids with ADHD.
  • Relinquishing Control: You are probably standing in your own way when it comes to helping your child with ADHD. Learn when, why, and how to relinquish some control to your child.

Module 6: Change Your Child's Behavior

  • Boosting Confidence & Self-Esteem: Kids with ADHD constantly get messages that they are bad, lazy, crazy, and broken. Learn how you can nullify those message and build your child up.
  • Implementing Behavior Modification: You'll learn the exact process to change behavior and get the forms and worksheets to do it successfully. 
  • Crafting Improvement with Environmental Changes: A child's environment can have a profound affect on behavior, both positive and negative. You'll learn what to watch out for and how to craft an environment your child can thrive in. 
  • Watching What Your Child Eats: Food can also affect behavior. You'll learn the foods to avoid, as well as the foods to add to your child's diet. 

Module 7: Manage ADHD at School

  • Prepare to Advocate: Advocating for a child with invisible disabilities at school is extremely challenging. You'll learn how to get your mind right for advocating with educators.
  • Learning Your Child's Rights: You'll learn what IDEA and Section 504 is, and what they mean for your child's rights at school.
  • What to Expect from School Evaluations: You'll get a sample letter to officially request an evaluation for services and accommodations at school, and learn what to expect from this complex process.
  • Crafting an Effective IEP: You'll learn what an IEP is, how IEP meetings should go, and what should and shouldn't be in your child's IEP. 
  • Effectively Working with Your Child's Teachers: It takes a collaborative approach to successfully work with your child's teachers. You'll learn what type of teacher is best for ADHD, and how to be most effective for your child when communicating with teachers. 
  • Accommodations that Work: You'll get a list of school accommodations that work for kids with ADHD.
  • Focusing on More than Grades: You'll learn how important grades really are, and what else you should focus on for academic success. 

Module 8: Manage ADHD at Home

  • What Doesn't Work for Kids with ADHD: There are several parenting approaches that are bad for all kids, and a few that just don't work for kids with ADHD. You'll learn what not to do with your child with ADHD.
  • The Secret to Remaining Calm: I can't dispute that staying calm with a child with ADHD is challenging. You'll learn why remaining calm with your child is so important, and how to do it. 
  • Defining Expectations: When kids with ADHD can't meet expectations, their behavior and self-esteem both deteriorate. You'll learn how to define appropriate expectations and set your child up for success.
  • How to Survive Mornings: Mornings with kids with ADHD are often frustrating and exhausting. You'll get tools and strategies to tame mornings. 
  • How to Survive Homework: No kid likes homework, but kids with ADHD are often very resistant as well, creating a battle of wills. You'll learn strategies to ease the stress of homework time, for parent and child. 
  • The 12 ADHD Parenting Truths: Offering your child successes is more important than helping them overcome ADHD symptoms. Yep, it's true. You'll learn the 12 ADHD Parenting Truths that will help you craft a successful and happy life for your child.
  • Building Skills: Kids with ADHD have lagging skills. Fortunately, skills can be taught and you'll learn how in this section. 
  • Truly Listen to Your Child's Truth: Adults with ADHD say that the most important thing to them growing up was their parents understanding them, accepting them, and valuing their input. You'll learn how to truly listen to your child's unique truth. 

Module 9: Start Enjoying Your Child

  • Seeing Your Child, Not Their ADHD: You'll learn how to finally look at your child and see more than their ADHD. 
  • Focusing on the Positive and Nurture Gifts: You'll learn how valuable focusing on the positive is for you and your child, and how it will make room for joy. 
  • Keep Looking Out the Windshield: You'll finish up the course ready to keep your eye on the horizon, and knowing that there's hope for that future. 



Each module consists of bite-sized videos, and the entire course is 100% self-paced.  In fact, here are a few samples so you can see exactly what and how I teach.

Module 3: Build a Solid Foundation
Lesson 4: Managing and Surviving Transitions
Module 5: Plan for Behavior Modification
Lesson 1: Defining Expectations



Listen to some podcasts I’ve been a guest on, discussing how to effectively parent kids with ADHD. You’ll get a good feel for what I teach, and how it works.

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14 Parenting & Self-Care Printable Mantras

Our inner monologues hold great power. They affect how we feel, and how we interact with others. These printable mantras can help keep you firmly on the path to success. 


Boy Without Instructions

The truth about learning to parent a child with ADHD.

“Read this book right away. Feel less alone.”



Self-Care Mini Course for Mamas

It’s been proven that taking care of yourself means you can do better for others. Mamas, get your groove back! This mini-course offers inspiration and ideas to do just that.


I can’t wait to take you step-by-step to a fundamental shift in the right direction for you and your family!



I Remember That I Was Once Truly Desperate to Help My Child… Just Like You Find Yourself Now

I know what it’s like to want, more than anything, to help my sweet, struggling child. I was once trolling the internet looking for books, courses, products that could finally help my boy and improve our family life. And I remember feeling unsure about investing in something that didn’t promise results.

That’s why I’m backing my parenting ADHD system with a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee. If you’re not seeing results, just show me that you completed each module, used all the worksheets, and actually implemented my training into your daily life. That means that if after 30 days from the date you get The Complete Guide to ADHD, if you’re not seeing results, you send me an email showing your participation, tell me you want your money back, and I’ll give it right back.

Penny Williams
Penny Williams

Award-Winning Author. Blogger. Journalist. Speaker.



Award-Winning Author. Blogger. Journalist. Speaker

Penny Williams guides and mentors parents raising kids with ADHD and/or autism. She’s the parent of a son with ADHD and autism, and the author of three award-winning books on parenting kids with ADHD: “Boy Without Instructions,” “What to Expect When Parenting Kids with ADHD,” and “The Insider’s Guide to ADHD.” Penny is the current editor of, Founder and Instructor for The Parenting ADHD & Autism Academy, and a frequent contributor on parenting and children with ADHD for ADDitude Magazine, Healthline, WNC Parent, and other parenting and special needs publications.

She has been contacted for interviews on the subject of parenting a child with ADHD many times, being quoted in publications like The Chicago Tribune,, Livescience, NBC’s Parenting section, and The High Desert Pulse.

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Stein Case Study Supporting Parent Training for ADHD through the Complete Guide to Parenting ADHD online course



Now, Sarah reports she understands Judah’s behavior more and her empathy has increased with him. “I can approach situations better and de-escalate them faster,” she says. “I teach my husband the techniques I learned in the course, and then implement plans and systems at home that help us all.”

FullSizeRender 8They started experiencing less struggles and improved behavior almost immediately. “What I learned helped me understand Judah more and, therefore, approach him, his intense emotions, and challenging situations more effectively,” Sarah adds.

Her favorite take-away from the course? The realization that ADHD is so much more than the diagnostic symptoms of inattention and hyperactivity. “With a child with ADHD, you have to go so much further beyond typical parenting strategies, but we don’t know that starting out. Penny’s course teaches that long before we’d learn it on our own.”

“With a child with ADHD, you have to go so much further beyond typical parenting strategies, but we don’t know that when our child is diagnosed with ADHD. Penny’s course teaches that long before we’d learn it on our own.”

— Sarah Stein, Mom of 7-year-old Judah, who has ADHD

Like you, Sarah has a lot of goals for her parenting and her child. “…To help him find balance, happiness, and acceptance for who he is, regardless of his ADHD. To help him learn skills, boundaries, management of his emotions, and coping with his ADHD. To create a home that has structure, that is safe and secure from the world. To not put my expectations on him, but to accept him for who he is and what he can do. To help him be a friend to others and accept others. To not lose my mind or sense of self in this midst of being a good, loving, patient, and understanding mom.”

Our expectations for our kids can seem like a tall order, but the goals Sarah shared are completely doable, even with a child with ADHD. We simply have to figure out how to accomplish them by letting our child’s own personal truth be our compass.

Sarah says, “I tried other parenting classes in the past, as well as reading books on parenting. Nothing seemed to match the unique needs of our son and our parenting needs.” Things finally started to click when she read Boy Without Instructions after Judah’s diagnosis. She felt so confident in my approach after reading that one book, she says it lead her to look for more from me and ended up taking the course.

The Complete Guide to Parenting ADHD online course guided the Stein family through adjusting their parenting compass so they can achieve success. Sarah reports experiencing many benefits from the course:

  • Less stress for me, the parent
  • Less stress on my child
  • Better behavior
  • Reduced ADHD symptom conflicts
  • I understand my child better
  • I enjoy time with my child more
  • I’m able to discern some of the why’s behind my child’s behavior, in order to better address it
  • I’m more confident working with my child’s teachers
  • I’ve implemented structure to calm the chaos
  • I have more empathy!

I’d call that a success, and Sarah does too. She says they’ve experienced around 70 percent improvement in family life since starting the course.

Of course, the online course isn’t the only thing their success can be attributed to. Judah also started behavior therapy, occupational therapy, social skills classes, and made some beneficial medication changes. Managing ADHD successfully is a complex process, but parent training is a proven successful element, as the Stein Family has certainly experienced.

“I would still be lost and confused without the extensive knowledge and support I’ve received from the course,” says Sarah. “I kid you not, my husband and I would be lost without Penny. She’s changed our lives.”


Let’s turn your parenting struggles into triumphs together!