Personal Truth is Everything

I’m afraid I’m going to start sounding like a broken record about discovering, listening to, and accepting Your Child’s Personal Truth — but it’s that important, and it’s that powerful. When you truly understand your child and the way their brain works and what their experience in this world is like, you have the ability to set them up for success, and to reduce your parent and family stress. It’s absolutely a win-win! I just can’t emphasize the importance of Your Child’s Truth enough. It’s the golden ticket in this special parenthood, folks! It’s made a monumental difference in our family.

The Interview

So, when Jeff Copper of Attention Talk Radio invited me on his show to discuss Your Child’s Truth, I jumped at the opportunity. It was an honor to be on a radio podcast that “pays attention to what is being paid attention to.” And, the interview was so much fun — Jeff’s energy and passion for living well with ADHD is infectious. I am thrilled to share this powerful podcast with you.

You can listen right from the embedded player here, just below. Or you can download the podcast from here (by clicking the download icon with the cloud) or on iTunes:


After the show is over, come back here and comment with your ah-ha moment from the podcast. Of course, feel free to post questions, as well. Let’s talk about Your Child’s Personal Truth, and create improvement for your family.

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Penny Williams
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Penny Williams guides and mentors parents raising kids with ADHD and/or autism. She’s the parent of a son with ADHD and autism, and the author of three award-winning books on parenting kids with ADHD. Penny is the current editor of, Founder and Instructor for The Parenting ADHD & Autism Academy, and a frequent contributor on parenting and children with ADHD for ADDitude Magazine and other parenting and special needs publications.