The Webinar

A couple weeks ago I was on the ADDitude Magazine ADHD Experts Webinar series, talking about how to advocate for your child in school, in the community, at the doctor’s/therapists’ office, and at home/within the family. It was a great webinar!

As with many webinars, not everyone could make the one and only time it was happening live, so ADDitude offers a replay of the webinar and a download of the slides. Access my webinar and slides here >>>


Webinar Replay_How to Fight for Your Child’s Rights


The Sample Letters

So many listeners asked how to write the Parent Concerns and Present Levels of Performance letters I spoke about in the webinar, that we decided to post samples of each on my blog, too. Read and copy them to use yourself, over on “How to Be Heard Loud and Clear in School Meetings, here >>>

The bottom line is that we, the parents, have to advocate for our kids with ADHD and/or autism in all facets of their lives — not just at school — for them to be successful. Listen to the webinar and read the blog post to learn all my advocacy hacks.